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The best news when it comes to managing stress is that you have plenty of choices, self therapies, dozens in fact. And I’ve already tried most of them.

If you’ve viewed any of my Hacking Stress course, then hopefully you’ll have learned a little about what stress is, how dangerous it can be, and also, most important, how easy it can be to tame. To hack.

But just in case those tips weren’t quite enough for you, or you’re looking for lots of different paths to emotional peace, well how about 21 of them? I thought it would be useful to share more of the other ways, the many other ways, choices, teensy weensy little changes you can make to your life and even just your way of thinking, that have also been scientifically shown to significantly reduce stress.

And there’s even better news. These techniques, these choices, your choices, are not just known to help with stress, but they can also lead to a much calmer and more serene existence.

This video explores the first seven, and you’ll find the entire 21 stress busters discussed in Hacking Stress.