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Your 3-Day Kindness Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to make it as easy as possible to try kindness as a daily routine, for just a few days, and see how you feel about it. And use the button below if you’re looking for ideas.

Here's how it works

For each of just three days:
Say three kind things, to friends or strangers.
Do three kind things or acts.
Think three kind thoughts.


Think about what you're doing and why.
Plan each day in advance so you know what you're about to do.
Be sincere and courageous - don't just go through the motions.
If you can, explain to the recipient why you're doing it. It can enhance the impact, and maybe encourage them to be kinder too.
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Then What?

Write down (maybe create a kindness journal) what you did and said and thought, who you said or did things for, how they reacted, and how that made you feel

These random or even planned acts of kindness can trigger all kinds of positive neurotransmitters in your brain (thinks hormones) that cannot only make you feel better, make you feel happier and want to keep doing it, but can change your brain over time.

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