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Your 30-Day Kindness Challenge

Go big or go home! But either way, do it with kindness. And whilst this challenge is the longest, it’s also one of the easiest.

Here's how it works

For each of the next 30 days:
Perform just one act of kindness each day.
Try to make each act substantial and meaningful.
Plan in advance, think about each act, and write down any reactions.


Always remember that for kindness to work to its best, it has to be mindful.
Meaning you need to think about how and why.
Create a plan, schedule the acts, write them down, and keep a journal of any responses or reactions.
Keep a record of how each act made you feel - nervous, silly, proud, happy?
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Then What?

Not only is kindness great for making the world better, and making your brain better too, but it’s also thought to be the ingredient of the thing most humans want most in life – happiness.

The combination of kindness and happiness could also open the door to the best and most fulfilling life. So make them a daily thing.

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