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Discover the power of Gratitude Journaling

Scientists call it “written gratitude interventions” and it’s more commonly known as keeping a gratitude journal.

Journaling focuses on positive memory recall, and the notion that if you’re writing down things that you’re grateful for, it both forces you to think harder about what you’re grateful for, and helps you keep a record of what and why.

Different studies have shown that keeping a gratitude journal decreases materialism and boosts generosity, encourages healthier eating habits, lowers the risk of heart disease, and can help lower the risk of depression.

Gratitude journaling is also believed to help to train the brain to become more focused on positive thinking patterns and not negative.

Thinking grateful thoughts, writing them down, reading them to yourself, thinking about them, and checking up on them later, all help to trigger the life-changing benefits of gratitude.

So get writing. According to science, once a week is ideal. Too often, and it loses its impact.

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