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The deeper you dig, the more you realize that learning is about so much more than simply knowing stuff.

It can change your brain chemistry.
It can make your brain stronger and healthier.
It can help you be more creative and productive.
It can encourage your brain to create connections with new parts of your brain.
It can help you to live longer.
It can reduce stress and improve emotional regulation.
It can help you think more efficiently and effectively.
It can help with problem solving and concentration.
It can be great for meeting new people and making new friends.
It can help with focus, memory, and decision making.
It can help with career, work, and life.
It can boost self-esteem and your sense of worth.
It helps make you more adaptable to change, which can also help you career.
It can help make you calmer.
It can help make you more resilient and better able to cope.
It can give you perspective and make you more grateful.