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Simple ways to make your thinking more positive than negative, and more healthy than unhealthy.

The way we think can have such a profound effect on our mental health, our physical health, and even our success in life. That's why getting a grip on it is so important.

Don't be afraid to admit you're wrong about how you think.
We think all the time, but we should never stop thinking about how we think.
Never be afraid to change the way you think about things.
Never stop challenging what you think and how you think.
Practice mindfulness as a way to calm your thinking and get more peace.
Recognize that our brains are wired to instinctively think negatively, but we have the tools to change that.
Always focus on the positive and keep looking for ways to see the best in things and people.
Negative thoughts are not necessarily bad. Just don't allow them to become negative feelings.
Learn to be kind to yourself and focus on your strengths.
Learn how to manage your stress.
Use gratitude to challenge any negative thinking.
If you're a cynical person, learn how to change that.
If you easily get angry or frustrated, learn to breathe properly.
Always keep an open mind and never stop learning, and especially about other cultures and perspectives.
Don't be quick to judge or criticize. Be curious and kind instead.
Always try to understand why others might have a different point of view.
Don't polarize. There's always compromise, and often if you just listen more.
Practice positive self-talk.
Don't make small things into big things if you don't need to.
Don't always assume or fear the worst.
Limit your social media use. It's designed to addict you to negative news and thinking.
Try to surround yourself with positive people.
Take a break, disconnect for a while. It's a great way to reset your thinking.
Try to surround yourself with positive people.