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There's a good reason why mindfulness is practiced by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

In fact there are many good reasons, and here are just some.

It's been shown to reduce anxiety and depression.
It's fantastic for your mental and physical health.
It's great for releasing stress.
It's great for improving your mood.
It's believed to help with memory and focus.
It can lower blood pressure and improve sleep.
It can help with rumination and negative thinking.
It can help to cope with pain.
It can help with digestion and digestive issues.
It can help to make you more emotionally and psychologically resilient.
It can help to make you happier and calmer.
It's been shown to make you more compassionate and empathetic.
It helps to increase your attention.
It's been used to help treat eating disorders and addiction.
It's been shown to reduce bullying.
It's been used to treat PTSD.