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Check out these great nature resources.

For some reason, most humans love nature, love being out in it, without really knowing why. Where does that feeling come from?

This small collection of articles will explain some of the science behind the feeling.

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Nurtured By Nature, From The American Psychological Association.

Mental Health Benefits Of Nature, From The National Alliance On Mental Illness.

Nature: How Connecting With Nature Benefits Our Mental Health, From The Mental Health Foundation.

How Does Nature Impact Our Well-Being? From The University Of Minnesota.

Is Nature The Prescription For Better Mental Health? From The AARP.

Nature Can Have A Nurturing Effect On Your Mental Health. From The Centre For Addiction And Mental Health.

Nature Really Is Good Medicine. Science Can Explain Why Period From National Geographic.

How Immersion In Nature Benefits Your Mental Health. From Yale University.

Why Birds And Their Songs Are Good For Our Mental Health, From The Washington Post.

Enjoying The Sun And Nature Can Boost Mental Health, From Longevity Technology.

Daily Exposure To Virtual Nature Reduces Symptoms Of Anxiety In College Students, From Scientific Reports.

Spending Time In Nature Reduces Stress And Anxiety, From Cornell University.

How Does Nature Nurture The Brain? From Neuroscience News.

How Nature Can Make You Kinder Happier And More Creative, From UC Berkeley.

The Positive Effect Of Nature On Your Mental Well-Being, From Positive Psychology.

White Kids Need To Spend Time In Nature, From The Child Mind Institute.

Nature Plays Key Role In Kids Mental Health, From Very Well Mind.

Our Kids Are Facing A Mental Health Crisis, Nature Can Help. From The Sierra Club.

All Kids Need Time In Nature And The Planet Needs That Too, From Psychology Today.

Does Nature Really Make Us Happy? Here’s The Science. From North Shore University Health System.

How Just 15 Minutes Of Nature Can Make You Happier, From Time Magazine.

Bird And Birdsong Encounters Improve Mental Health, Study Finds. From The Guardian.

Listen! Birdsong Is Good For Mental Health, From Neuroscience News.

How Listening To Birdsong Can Transform Our Mental Health, From The National History Museum.

Walking On Sunshine: The Light Of Day Improves Mental Health, From Psychology Today.

Can Sunlight Help Depression? From Psych Central.

The Sun And Your Mood: Why Sunlight Is So Good For You, From Time.