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Looking for ideas for making nature a part of your daily routine? Check out some of these suggestions.

Sit on a park bench, take a breath, and soak up the nature around you.
Go for a walk every day, first thing in the morning, during the lunch break, or during the evening.
Use the time to think about positive and happy thoughts, and not negative or ruminating thoughts.
As you walk, notice and appreciate the nature around you.
Install water features, like fountains, so you're always close to the sound of running water.
Listen to and take notice of the sounds of birds singing.
Keep lots of plants around your home or office.
Keep a window open so you can hear the sounds of birds.
Maybe think about joining a hiking, walking, or cycling club.
Spend more time in the garden, either simply sitting and appreciating or doing some gardening.
If you have a dog, walk with it. If not, see if you can borrow one from a neighbor. They can add another layer of positive brain benefits.
When you're walking, as long as it's safe, listen to music. It's a very simple but powerful extra benefit for the brain.
Get to the beach, a lake, or a river as often as you can. Your brain loves to be near water.
Take up canoeing or kayaking so you can be on the water and near nature at the same time.
Sleep under the stars and watch the night sky. Just be aware of the bugs.
Plan regular picnics with your friends.
Hang a bird feeder outside a window and watch what shows up. Even if it's just squirrels, that's OK too.
Go fruit picking with family or friends.
Consider volunteering opportunities that involve working in or for nature.
Watch videos of nature in action.
Consider volunteering for National Public Lands Day.
Find out where all your local parks are and make a point to visit each one over the next 12 months.
Organize scavenger hunts out in nature and invite your friends and family.
The next time you take a vacation, think about visiting a state or National Park.