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The many benefits of good friends and social connections.

According to science, having good and ideally life-long friends can improve all parts of your life and in dozens of different ways.

They can provide great emotional support.
They can improve self-esteem and self-confidence.
They can make you happier, and happiness is one of the 15 great pillars of the Brainisphere and also one of the keys to success.
They're a safe port in a storm.
They're great for your health and can strengthen your immune system.
They can provide a sense of identity and belonging.
They're a great way to learn new ideas and different views.
They can help expand your mind and make you a better person.
They can give you insights into other ways of living and the challenges that other people might face.
They can help you be successful throughout your life, from relationships to career.
They are fuel for gratitude, another of the 15 Pillars.
They can bring more joy and laughter into your life, both of which are great for mental and brain health.
They're great for reducing stress and anxiety.
They can help you cope with loss and trauma.
They can encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and try things you might otherwise not.
They can introduce you to other people and further bolster your support network.
They can teach you new skills which can also improve your life.
They are great cure for loneliness.
They can give you greater perspective and appreciation.
They can help you to ditch unhealthy habits.
They're a fantastic form of free talk therapy.
They're great for testing new ideas and forcing you to think harder. Thinking is great for brain health.
They're great for keeping you grounded and genuine.
They can help keep you positive, optimistic, and motivated.