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The many great benefits of living your life with a purpose.

And there’s even better news. If you don’t already have a clear purpose in life, haven’t found it yet, you’re still looking, that’s OK. You can create your own purpose and still enjoy all the benefits.

It can help you live a longer and healthier life.
It's been associated with more than a dozen mental and physical health benefits.
It can help to make you more psychologically resilient.
It's been associated with healthier cardiovascular system.
It can lower the risk of dementia.
It can help with blood pressure.
It's a major contributor to happiness and life satisfaction.
It can help to encourage healthier habits.
It's great for building strong and long-term relationships.
It's been connected to greater success and even financial wealth.
It's been shown to help manage chronic illness and pain.
It can help with depression, anxiety, and managing stress.
It can increase motivation and optimism.
It's connected with better and healthier sleep.
It can significantly improve mental and emotional health.
It can give you greater perspective and make you more grateful.
It can make you feel more fulfilled and it’s great for self-esteem and self-confidence.
It can help with work, career, and promotion.
It can make it easier to set and complete goals.
It can help to make you more passionate about life.
It's closely connected to meaning and spirituality.