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Faith and spirituality have been shown to improve brain health, mental health, and physical health in dozens of different ways.

Which is probably why most of us are spiritual beings in some way.

It can offer a great social network of like-minded people.
It connects to purpose and kindness which unleash all kinds of other health benefits.
It gives us a greater meaning and direction in life.
It helps to make us more resilient.
It's a great cure for loneliness.
It can help with trauma, grief, and healing.
It can be a great way for coping with stress.
It's been shown to lower depression and anxiety.
It can give us a sense of identity and a place in the world.
It's been shown to help with PTSD and substance abuse.
It connects to gratitude, another great pillar of life, health, and success.
It can bring us peace and calm.
It's been known to help with eating disorders.
It can help trigger all the brain health benefits of oxytocin.
It can help with things like anger, frustration, disappointment, and sadness.
It can help make us more forgiving, of others and ourselves, which is great for mental health and happiness.
It's great for physical health, strengthening the heart and the immune system.
It can be a powerful form of talk therapy.
Because it's connected to kindness and giving, it can be great for work and career growth.
It can bring a healthy rhythm and routine to our lives.