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The many, many, many great ways that exercise is great for every part and day of your life.

It's great for managing stress, one of the greatest risks for brain and body.
It's as good for brain health as it is for physical health.
It makes it easier to deliver essential oxygen, water, and nutrients to your brain.
It releases endorphins, one of the most important mood hormones.
It can help to take you away from the things that might be causing you stress.
Certain exercises can help grow new brain cells to make up for those that you lose over time.
It's great for improving mood, and can help with depression and anxiety.
It can help to trigger the creation of BDNF, the Miracle Gro of the brain.
It can get you out in fresh air and sunshine, which is great for brain health.
It can help to strengthen your immune system, which is also great for your brain health.
It can help to ward off cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases.
It can help you get more and better sleep, which is also better for your brain health.
It can increase the thickness and health of the white matter that's essential to your brain.
If you exercise with people and pets, that can trigger all the positive hormones essential to mood and happiness.
It can reduce the inflammation that can damage brain cells.
It can help you think more clearly, and help with memory.
It can help to improve executive function processes in the brain.
It can help to increase neuroplasticity in the brain, and your brain's ability to forge connections with new neurons.
It can improve self-confidence and self-esteem, which are also great for brain health.
It can improve the part of the brain associated with learning and memory.