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Years of studies have shown that being in or even just near nature can be great for brain and mental health.

It can take you away from stressful and unhappy environments.
It can dramatically improve your mood.
It's a fantastic stress reliever.
It can increase your feelings of happiness.
Humans tend to like the color green, because it reminds us of origins, birth, and growth.
It can take you away from pollution that damages the brain.
Studies have shown that the sound of birds singing is one of the most relaxing things for the brain.
It can take you away from the stressors of noise and traffic.
Fresh air and sunshine are also great for brain and mental health.
Nature has been shown to reduce the risk of certain psychiatric disorders.
It's a great partner for mindfulness and meditation.
It's known to help improve attention and focus.
The sounds of leaves rustling and water flowing are also great for mental health.
Studies have shown that kids who go to school near green spaces have fewer mental health issues than kids who don't.
It can trigger feelings of gratitude and perspective, both of which are great for brain and mental health.
Even a stroll in a city park can have many of the same effects.
Being out in nature helps to connect us to our planet, which can in turn trigger all kinds of positive emotions.
Long term studies of children living near green spaces, have shown lower levels of illnesses like schizophrenia and depression.
Some studies have shown that exposure to nature makes us nicer to other people.
Even just watching nature videos has been shown to elicit very similar effects.