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Yes, friendships take work.

Whether it’s keeping existing friends or making new ones, the more thought and effort you put into the process, the better the outcome.

And you need a good outcome. Good friendships can be the best thing for your life and your health. And even if you have problems making new friends, maybe you’re shy, introverted, or struggle with something like social anxiety, you can still do it and it’ll be so worth it.

According to psychologists these are some of the easiest ways to make and keep good friends.

Smile and say hi. It's an easy ice-breaker.
Volunteer, it’s great for everyone.
Get together as often as you can, online or in person.
Check up on your friends as often as you can.
Find a new hobby or learn a new skill that involves other people.
Go to the gym or take up a sport.
Get involved with your local church or community activists.
Be kind. People love kind people.
Use sites like MeetUp to connect with local groups and activities.
Be honest, genuine, and open.
Ask more and listen more.
Focus on being a good friend.
Ask friends and family members to introduce you to their friends.
Become an expert at something.
Be the one who organizes get togethers and social events.
Have courage. Don't be afraid to fail.
Don't say no. Find ways to be available.
Put in the work. The investment will be worth it.
Try things you're uncomfortable with. It helps build fearlessness.
Be more sympathetic and less judgemental.
Make the first move. Just go introduce yourself.