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Welcome to the pre-launch of Get A Grip!, what we hope will be the most exciting initiative focusing on personal brain health, and all the fantastic opportunities that can lead to.

And you’re also supporting our global initiatives, focused on improving brain and mental health around the world. So again, a heartfelt thank you.

As you can probably tell, there’s still a little construction dust. We’re busy adding new tools, developing new ideas and techniques, and adding new courses. So we hope you’ll stick with us – and tell others about us.

Coming Soon!

Our vision, and we are feverishly working on it, is a personal dashboard where you’ll be able to create and manage your own long-term brain health program. And a free app that will be your constant brain health companion.

Your brain is the engine of your world and your life. The healthier your brain, the better that life. The best place to get started is our DASHBOARD.




Neal O’Farrell, Founder, Get A Grip!

“We want to make brains better, and make better brains. Better brains make better people and better people make a better world.
And we need a better world.”